Looking for something simple but effective?

Hello again [FIRST_NAME]

I see you’re still here reading
lots of emails and earning loads
of credits…

But are you making any money??

The fact is, solos and safelists
are low quality traffic…

You’re sending your offers to
sellers not buyers after all…

So it takes a really good offer
to convert your email credits
into cold hard cash.

And most people fail miserably.

But here’s one that’s working
extremely well for me right now…

Test it on your traffic ASAP
and you’ll see what I mean!



PS. Serious marketers only!

You’ll need to invest 60 minutes
to set this up. It’s a one time
thing and I’ll personally make
sure you’re making money before
you’re done…

But if you’re not prepared to do
that, please save us both some
time and take a pass for now!