[FIRST_NAME] Team LATW eliminates the Hot Seat


It doesn't take a genius to see that
smaller Teams are better than long lines.

has eliminated the Hot Seat.
Each 3 - 6 person Team promotes for
members in their upline and downline.

You're never placed at
the end of a long list.

One of the many things that sets Team LATW apart from other TrafficWave Teams is our Banner Program that lets our members advertise another business of their own choice on both their Team and Personal Pages. This means that our members can promote both TrafficWave and a second business opportunity while also achieving their Team Page hit count requirement.

Our goal is to recruit TrafficWave referrals using a system that is completely fair to each and every one of our members. Our Teams within a Team concept ensures that no matter how large the main Team becomes, each member has an equal chance of recruiting their own TrafficWave referrals from the moment they join. Your own 3-6 person Team will be promoting for you and your individual Team members only, not hundreds of others.

It's a simple concept and it does work!
We're the only TrafficWave Team
using this Unique System!

n order to join Team LATW, you must create a PAID TrafficWave account. Please visit the following page to join as my personal referral: 

Daniel Wait 
[email removed]