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[FIRST_NAME] Please email U.S. President Trump for Pardoning Innocent man

Please send a email or letter to the honorable U.S. President Donald John Trump on supporting the Executive Action of fully Pardoning innocent Journalist Brian D. Hill.

Even if you hate Trump, he is technically considered our President and is the only one that can override a wrongful criminal conviction by a corrupt Federal Courthouse in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has the power to grant reprieves and pardons. Brian was of USWGO Alternative News and was featured in a New York Times piece on ‘Enforcing Copyrights Onlne, for a Profit’ (Author: Dan Frosch, 2011 article). He has written The White House to ask for a Presidential Pardon of Innocence.

He is the book author of “The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill” which can be bought on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The reason why his letters are published are simple. (1)To provide proof to the American people that he is actually innocent. (2)That the U.S. Attorney Ripley Rand and Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy had presented evidence to the Grand Jury that were false, inaccurate, or is unreliable. The evidence forensic report stated that stuff was being done on Brian’s computer (by hackers) for 11 months after it was seized by law enforcement. (3)That the Mayodan Police Department along with it’s Town Attorney Philip Edward Berger Senior and his former-District-Attorney son were out to get Brian for his political articles calling the town a Corrupt Government and more. (4)Brian had faxed the FBI and had presented countless Affidavits saying that he is innocent of the charge that he was forced into a criminal conviction due to his public defender failing him. (5)Morally he deserves to be relived of his wrongful conviction.

It is up to every single one of you who gets this email, who reads our Press Release on PRLOG, that has the time to do research into this issue, as to whether you want to send an email to the U.S. President Trump in support of Brian D. Hill’s pardon of innocence request.

If you are not convinced that Brian is innocent, then he is willing to prove his Innocence to each and every one of you. Challenge him to prove his Innocence, and he will prove your suspicions wrong. He will prove his innocence and then his wrongful conviction should be overturned.

For all Trump Supporters who read this email, as he is the only man with the Constitutional authority to sign an “Executive Order” to overturn his wrongful conviction and expunge his record.

Brian is willing to speak with the FBI Agents, and is willing to tell them everything he knows as to why he was framed with the crime. Now is the time to pardon Brian and relieve him of being victimized, over and over again, by those whom framed him. Brian is so innocent, even California Attorney Susan Basko is also convinced enough to write a Affidavit/Declaration and file it with the U.S. District Court, but was threatened by corrupt Judge Osteen for telling the truth. Let Brian prove his Innocence then he should be pardoned ASAP!

Brian has filed a FOIA Appeal and is planning to sue the U.S. Attorney Ripley Rand and Anand Prakash Ramaswamy for covering up evidence.