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Referral Frenzy Nothing Like It! 7 days F*R*E*E

I am very excited to share this with you!

Finally a site that really has your best interests in mind and gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Marty Petrizza has just launched the Referral Frenzy affiliate member area.

You can now mail to 106 mailers with a few clicks. All mails can be out in 15 minutes.

You will get unlimited banner and text views on site.

Monthly advertising that really will count! Plenty of it!!

How about this!!

20,900 surf credits, 89,200 mailer credits, 224,600 banners and texts Every month.

You have GOT to believe in yourself and invest in advertising that works if you are to succeed.

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David Todd
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Opportunity to Make BIG Money

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Learn How To Be Successful With Viral Mailers

Struggling with your email marketing?

Not sure how to create a quality follow up?

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All of these are answered and more in the all new
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It’s time to take your online marketing to the next

Let the leading experts in this industry that have been
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97or3 Now Has Email Funnel Booster.


My name is Brad Webb and most of you probably know me as the

Co-Founder of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and BucketsofBanners.

Both sites have over 44,000 members combined and have been

operating for over 6 years.

Last year, I launched a sales funnel that has 11 streams of

income inside.

Unlike most sales funnels, 97or3 has Beginner, Intermediate,

and Advanced marketer profiles that provide a tailor-made

strategy depending on your current experience level and/or

financial means.

Whether you are starting out with no financial means (something

I have experienced when I first started online 8 years ago)

or you have the ability to join and upgrade on all 11 streams

inside, this program is for you.

A few months after launch, I identified 2 major problems with

typical sales funnels and added one simple solution to solve

them both.

You see, sales funnels are great but unless you remind members

you are still there, they have a tendency to forget about you.

Also, asking people to join multiple programs at once can be


Email Funnel Booster solves both these problems by sending out

a daily mail focusing on one program at a time eliminating

overwhelm and reminding members it is still there.

Most people do not know where to start when attempting online

marketing. This program was built for the masses regardless of

your current experience level and/or financial means so join now

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Brad Webb



Just like I do with Viralist members inside State-Of-The-Art-

Mailer and upgraded members inside BucketsofBanners, if you are

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Everyone Needs This

What Are You Selling Online?

Vacations, vitamins, books, training, cell phones, coffee or some other product or service?

I have one word for any program on the net: Limitations!

They all have limitations because not everyone wants that stuff.

However, there is a program that everyone selling anything online MUST have.

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