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John Harrison

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As Time Passes and the Newness Wears Off.


As many in this industry know, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer

a.k.a SOTAM, has been online for over 9 years now. While

a websites time online is important, it is just as important to

remain active as time passes and the newness wears off.


SOTAM has generated the following stats which we include

on our site… which is rare to find in this industry …

– 38,963 members

– Ranked #1 by Hoopla for years!

– NEVER a missed payment during that time

– 1,978,270,060 emails sent since launch in 2010

– 68,792,695 million clicks (ads opened) generated

– 386,244,454 Time-Bonus Banner Ad views

– 384,216.58 in commissions earned by members

We have seen a lot of turmoil in digital marketing over

the past couple of years and have experienced some changes

of our own. While change is inevitable, it doesn’t have to

be unpredictable. We’re evolving each and every day to move

with those changes and are still running strong!

By all means, join new programs to help you promote your

products or services as they come out if they are quality…

but make SOTAM your predictable and reliable go-to

resource where members are still active even after the

newness has long faded.


Brad Webb



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