Site to Promote Bonuses for Today is….

Welcome again to this super special email filled with bonuses!
Yesterday, I spoke about the need to stay focused on what actions we are taking each day so we can all end the year with a positive outcome.

Matthew Graves has some special bonuses, gifts, and events coming up to help us do just that.

In the last 2 weeks of 2017, he helped members add over 4,000 new subscribers to their lists. This year, we are going to beat that!

Each day, from now until Christmas, he has a special signup bonus at a different site. Anyone who signs up for the site on that day will get the special bonus. Everyone who promotes the site on that day will also get a bonus. Conversions will be high because of the special giveaway.

By promoting your referral link for these sites on their special day, you build your downline and your subscriber list in your auto-responder, [FIRST_NAME].

Those members interested in getting big results will be promoting a different site each day and focusing on that site’s special signup bonus.


Thursday, December 20th – New Members at WebBizInsider

Get 2 Weeks of Premium Membership (14,000 Credits Plus Email Daily)

Those who promote their referral URLs for these sites will each get a special bonus plus be entered into the year-end contest to win $100 cash on Christmas Day.

Every visitor you send to your referral URL for these 6 sites gets you an entry in the contest. More traffic = more chances to win.

Supercharge your actions and your business will grow!

PJ Zito

P.S. – Watch for more details so you can take action to promote for each day and grab your daily bonuses!