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Tick-Tock on this – free 100 CLICK SOLO

Some people start taking action with this newest launch. You must work to get results.

You can’t strike oil if you only drill 10 feet into the ground, [FULL_NAME].

You have to keep drilling for thousands of feet before you can say if it is a good oil well or not.
Success online works the same way.

Jumping from a program or strategy when you are making progress is leaving LOTS of money and signups on the table.
This is why I recommend that you are always promoting a program that is building your email list.
More subscribers equal progress!

Right now, there are is a lot of signups being left on the table by those who are not promoting, or have stopped promoting, the launch of Email Ad System.

Despite the fact that average conversions are still awesome at just 125 visitors per signup, the amount of traffic sent to members’ referral pages has dropped.
Some people have moved on and they are losing out! Don’t stop promoting something that is getting positive results. If the conversions are there, then focus on how to send more and better quality traffic to it.

This week, we are giving a free 100 Click Solo to all new members who join and log in before we reach 1,000 members. 

You can also get that bonus in addition to last week’s bonus if you just click 25 emails to earn credits.

This new bonus and referral page will keep conversions high!

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PJ Zito

Lower your stress and mail 45,000

Lower your stress and mail 45,000 Hot Prospects for Free, [FIRST-NAME].
Stress will always be part of life. It can be felt in a tightening of the muscles or as a sick feeling in the gut. It can show up as increased blood pressure or one’s inability to sleep deeply. It can be the cause of headaches, dizziness, and dry mouth.

The truth about stress is that it has been linked to issues with heart disease, depression, and a general lowering of the immune system. I’m convinced half the people who were overcome with the Corona Virus lacked a strong ability to fight because of being stressed for so long that their immune system had no power. Stress exhausts the immune system and that opens the body up to many viruses and varied diseases. 
Lower your stress levels and use systems to build your list with email marketing.

Email marketing is THE best way to build your business. I have over 45,000 active subscribers who are looking for marketing tools and business opportunities. They would love to see what you have to offer so use Supercharged Solo Ads and grow your list fast.
You can send your promotional email to my list with Supercharged Solo Ads. For this whole week ahead, you can send your first solo email for free to hundreds of visitors who want whatever you promote.

If you join Supercharged Solo Ads, you can try out the service without needing to buy any credits. It is completely free.

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PJ Zito

Costco Free Samples!

Costco Free Samples!
Don’t Hate Them, [FIRST_NAME]!

Do you hate seeing people running around the big stores getting all the free samples? (pre-COVID, of course). They go around stores like Costco and grab just about every free sample being offered!

Well, it’s not because they wanted to ruin their appetite! They wanted to see what resonated with their palette the most, at the moment they were in. Ya know, like LIVING IN THE NOW and taking advantage of the FREEBIES!
That’s one of the things I love about all these Your Viral Network launches! I appreciate the foundation laid in my YOUR SUCCESS ADVANTAGE site where I can offer every single launch TO EVERYONE…FOR FREE and GIVE AWAY AMAZING BONUSES to help everyone grow their business. Every single launch is like the smorgasbord of tasty samples in Costco.

The launches offer list-building opportunities FOR FREE and give away all the bonuses to put a good taste in your mouth about growing your list using proven systems.
Don’t believe me?
Just check out this incredible site, join for free, and get the tools for being able to immediately promote to others and grow your list quickly!

You are given awesome resources to support you and your business. PLUS – the YOUR VIRAL SITES are all free to join (just like at Costco), so grab them ALL while you can by biting into just this one! Put in your name and email address. Then log into your new account before midnight Sunday night to get at least a guaranteed $5 prize.

Get a taste of success with us! No MASK REQUIRED and no running around!

Prizes abound until SUNDAY!! Prizes – Win $500 This Sunday – Free to Join – $100 Cash Prize with our 1,000 Weekly Member Celebration – You Can Win Cash!

Every member is guaranteed to win at least $5.Just join the fastest growing safelist mailer of 2021 and put in your name and email address. Then log into your new account before midnight Sunday night to get a guaranteed $5 prize.

March Traffic Madness – ending soon!

HURRY to claim your free gifts before the end of March when the Madness ends, [FIRST_NAME]. 
Join now to claim your free traffic gift for each day in March.
You DO NOT need to already be a member at the site giving the gift in order to claim it. You will be given the option to automatically create an account at that site if you do not already have one. The gifts have all been added to my accounts and you can click to claim them if you hurry!
PJ Zito

March Traffic Madness -FREE TRAFFIC PKGS

March Traffic Madness is the BIG launch this month, Entrepreneur!
Over 1,000 members have joined in under 4 days! Why wouldn’t they join? The site is giving away free traffic from high-quality sites every day for the entire month, [FIRST_NAME].

In just the first 5 days, they have given away 40,000 mailing credits and a free solo ad! Every day, there is another traffic package worth $5 to $20.This month, there will be over 300,000 free credits at top-ranked mailers and safelists.

Free solo ads and Premium Memberships.

ALL FREE! If you want thousands of free visitors this month, just click below and join March Traffic Madness for FREE!

The bonuses are coming into my March Traffic Madness site every day! Like this:
Claim Your Gift – Day 1 – 10,000 Free Mailing Credits at Traffic Kick Start

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Claim Your Gift – Day 3 – 10,000 Free Mailing Credits at Social Message Connect

Claim Your Gift – Day 4 – Free Solo Ad to 30,000 eager members at Supercharged Solo Ads

Claim Your Gift – Day 5 – 10,000 Free Mailing Credits at 10X Mailer

Claim Your own Gifts NOW! You can still get the entire month, too.

We all need more quality traffic to our websites, opportunities, and lead capture pages. More quality traffic, combined with a compelling offer means more signups and sales.

March Traffic Madness is giving away a free traffic gift worth $5 – $20 every day for the entire month. Get 31 traffic gifts … all for free.

There is no “catch” or “fine print”. There are no upgrades at March Traffic Madness, so you won’t have to run the gauntlet of one-time offers.

Just free traffic every day. You can get the past offers, too! Make the most of your NOW!
PJ Zito

FREE 5-Day Self-Care Challenge starts Monday! Come

Hi, I have to ask and I want to invite:
Why are some people successful, healthy, and happy while others struggle just to make ends meet or just to get through a day?

Why is it that millions of human beings never stop to think about anything and live in a stressful state most of the time?

It doesn’t have to be that way, [FIRST_NAME].

The last year has tested everyone more than ever, but I want to help.  If you feel like you cannot escape the constant feeling of overwhelm and stress, then I have the solution.

My FREE 5-Day Self-Care Challenge begins on Monday!

We will explore new perspectives for being happier and healthier, NOW. 

The NOW is all we have. The NOW is all we need. The NOW is all we get!

During this FREE 5-day challenge, we will:

 – End the noise, stress, and demands of the outside world

 – Transform our participation in every moment of our life

 – Reclaim our voice and clarify our purpose

 – Give freely and use our gifts to change the world 

The Challenge will be less than 30 minutes a day, for 5 days straight.

It starts Monday, March 1st, so sign up NOW!

I really hope you will CLICK TO JOIN our FREE 5-Day Self-Care Challenge!

See you on Monday!
PJ Zito

It’s 100 Percent True – 3,000 Free Credits to all

It’s 100 Percent True – 3,000 Free Credits to all members for the relaunch, [FIRST_NAME].

100 Percent Mailer just relaunched and is giving away 3,000 Free Credits to all members!

The site has been off-line for a while, but is now back on new servers and redesigned. It is even easier now to earn credits and send your emails to over 2,500 current members. With the new 3,000 credit giveaway, they will probably add another 1,000 new members this week.
Whenever new mailers launch or hot sites relaunch, it is a great time to get in and send your emails. All those new members joining want to see your offer, so click rates and traffic levels are through the roof.
There are lots of fantastic surprises in store with this launch to help you get more signups and sales for whatever you promote.
Join now and get your 3,000 free credits.
PJ Zito

Tick-Tock on this – 1,000 free credits

Tick-Tock on this system with 1,000 free mailing credits. [FIRST_NAME].
The Extreme Traffic System organizes and automates your marketing for free, Entrepreneur!

It isn’t just a next-generation safelist that doesn’t clog your inbox with messages, it is also a marketing tool to double, triple, or quadruple your signups from all of your traffic sites.

Step 1 – It organizes your promotions to take the guesswork out of what to promote

Step 2 – It makes sure that you send your ads from the sites with the best results.

Step 3 – It helps you to earn credits at all the safelists in the most efficient way possible so you don’t waste time.

If you master those three steps, you can radically increase your signups and sales without spending another dime or another minute of your precious time.

Now, you can even use the built-in mailer to send your emails to 1,000 members free. Join today for 1,000 free mailing credits.
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PJ Zito

New Launch- Extreme Traffic System is Exploding!

New Launch- Extreme Traffic System is Exploding!
Join the NEW Extreme Traffic System can Double or Triple Your Traffic With NO EXTRA TIME OR MONEY, [FIRST_NAME].

Extreme Traffic System is a next-generation safelist mailer that doesn’t clog your inbox with messages. However, its biggest power is to help you organize and automate your marketing at ALL the safelists and traffic sites.

If you follow the Extreme Traffic System, you will multiply the traffic you generate so that leads to more signups and sales.

Join Today to Organize and Automate Your Marketing!
PJ Zito

Best LAUNCH of 2020- Get 1,000 Free Ads

Best LAUNCH of 2020 – Get 1,000 Free Ads, [FIRST_NAME].
There is no time like the present to Supercharge Your Success in your online business. Don’t wait for the new year … act now!

A new free ad platform has just launched and it is called Power Station Traffic.
Power Station Traffic uses multiple methods to make sure that your ad gets seen and clicked by the most number of prospects possible. It borrows technology used on the most successful ad platforms in the world, like Facebook and YouTube, bringing it to the ad exchange world.

You can earn credits in multiple different ways and then use those ad credits to send your ad to our members. Your ad will be delivered to the members using multiple different methods, including email, native advertising, news feed, and banner ads. Your single ad is distributed EVERYWHERE so your ideal customer cannot miss it!

You can join Power Station Traffic for free and get 1,000 Ad Credits to start advertising without needing to click for credits.

Join Power Station Traffic now and power up your website traffic!
PJ Zito