Bonus Ending at Midnite. HURRY!

Matthew Graves wrote an email yesterday, telling us about Eugene, a fellow member of the Your Viral Sites.  
He has used the list building potential of the Instant Profit Mailer launch to add 127 members to his Get Response mailing list in just 12 days. There have been quite a few replies asking for details about EXACTLY how you can use the websites in the Your Viral Network to build your list. Here is what I recommend.

You can start building your list with Instant Profit Mailer (or the other Your Viral sites) before you even pay for an auto-responder.
We will store your list until you add an integrated auto-responder.
Step 1: Choose Which “Your Viral” Program to Promote
Choose which program you want to start building your list in.  
The goal is to choose a program that has a high-conversion rate.  That means that it will take less traffic to generate a conversion (new signup).  
Generally, the highest conversions come right after a program launches. That is why Eugene has done so well with Instant Profit Mailer.
Let’s assume that you choose Instant Profit Mailer, for example.
Step 2: Get Your Referral URL and Swipe Emails Ready
For whichever program you are going to build your list in, you need to get your referral url and swipe email copies ready to send from all your best traffic sources.
Step 3: Choose Your Traffic Sources
Select the 10-20 sites that you want to use to generate traffic to send to your referral url at the target site.  
It is crucial that you choose sites that generate high quality traffic.  
Eugene focused on the sites that have shown up in the Best Converting Traffic lists of many of the “Your Viral” sites.  
By doing this, he got almost twice the average signups for the same amount of traffic.
You can look under the Build Your List section of the member’s area of any Your Viral site to see what traffic sources are currently converting the best for that site.
Always make sure that you promote using as many of the “Your Viral” sites as possible.  
Those who belong to one of my programs are more likely to join another one of my programs.  
Make sure you have a mixture of outside sites, too. I have my favorite converters if you’re looking for the best sites. Just send me an email!
Step 4: Promote Consistently
Make a list of the sites you are going to use to generate traffic in a spreadsheet in Excel, or online in Google Sheets.  
Keep track of when you last mailed at each site and when you can mail again. Try to not miss any mailing intervals. If you can mail every 2 days, always make sure that you do.
Step 5: Vary Your Promotions
Watch the admin emails that are sent because Matthew is always providing different email swipes and bonuses for you to promote. When signup bonuses are offered, make sure you talk about them in the emails you send to safelists.  
The extra incentives are there to help you get more signups, but if you don’t tell people about them, they won’t work.
Try to make the message “yours” by changing the subject lines around on a daily basis if mailing to safelists.
Tell the readers about how many signups you have and how well the program is working for you.
It’s that simple.  
List building isn’t rocket science with the “Your Viral” sites.  
Pick a program and drive lots of high quality traffic.  
If you do it, you will get signups.
Right now, the best conversions are coming from Instant Profit Mailer, and until midnight Tuesday, you can grab 2,000 free credits to join us, [FULL_NAME].
PJ Zito
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