Texas Holdem

Hi Friend,

Do you play Texas Holdem?

I’ll show you how to have fun and profit online.

Just follow these proven steps to success: 


1) You need a browser designed for business.

   a) download and install the Mozilla browser.

   b) create an email account for your business at .

2) You need ways to send and receive money online.

   a) join for normal Internet banking.

   b) join for easy Bitcoin banking.

3) Here are the poker programs I recommend.

    a) join for a place to play online.

    b) things may be changing for Online Poker sites in a few states.

4) You need a way to advertise easily.

    join to advertise your affiliate link (and anything else you like.)

5) You need a business plan.

    is designed to share your business for you easily:

6) Or, just enjoy playing poker —

    I use the $25 a month subscription plan for daily tournament entry credits.  If you are good you will earn cash  regularly at the free tournaments.  No gambling here — just learning and earning. 

If you need help just follow the directions in each program you join.  Each program has free and upgraded options.  Use them for free and see how they work for you. And, feel free to ask for help. 

Glen Brink,

303.442.6460 —