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The new Silva Class is awesome

Jose Silva left us a new “final technique” called The Silva Ultramind System that barely made it to the public until now.

I recommend it highly. It is available online is well as in person classes.

We have a team doing the class that we can communicate with.

Just half way through the class I was really impressed with todays Lesson:

Cultivate a Burning Desire to Manifest Your Dreams.

As an example of my experience I thought I would show you

the report I messaged to the team:

I agree with the team — this is a powerful approach to manifest your dreams

My first objective is to love myself and forgive myself —

so I can also love and forgive others on my spiritual journey.

“3 Scenes” is the perfect technique for me doing the mirror meditation on this one.

You can Check out the classes available here:

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The Best healthy drinks — once in the morning

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Have you heard of Gundry MD?

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7 God Made foods reducing aging and disease

1)  Avocados
     adding Himalayan sea salt and pepper can bring out it’s true flavors
2)  Berries and Cherries
     strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries
3)  Potatoes
4)  Coconut meat and oil
5)  Turmeric (root)
     optionally curcumin
6)  Apple-Cider Vinegar
     1 Tbs in a cup of water — especially 15-30 minutes before high carb meal
7)  Red Wine (


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Why cavemen had no cavities (plus ‘healthy’ foods that rot your teeth)

An estimated 92% of Americans have at least 1 or more cavities in their teeth, but did you realize that data from teeth samples of our hunter-gatherer ancestors showed that cavities were basically non-existent in those societies? 

And it’s not just about modern-day sugar consumption either… there are so-called “healthy” foods causing cavities in most people too.  Fortunately, there are also ways to reverse cavities and “remineralize” your teeth naturally, as today’s article will explain… (plus 3 ways to reverse cavities naturally)Chewing This Unique Bacteria Freshens Breath, Stops Bleeding Gums, and Rebuilds Tooth Enamel…It may sound odd but it is scientifically proven…

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Seven Steps to Effective Prayer

The ability to have a new thought is a profound gift.

The ability to initiate a change in our thoughts is the reason that we are called human beings. When we deny that basic form of responsibility, we are really no better than the animal kingdom, in that moment. It is interesting to consider how we think about and treat animals. There are many people in the United States who actually treat their pets much better than they treat their friends and family.

My teachers used to comment on this phenomenon. They often reflected that it might be much better for human beings to start their relationship education by learning to interact with the plants so they could develop the proper thought process. And then gradually introduce animals into their lives and eventually graduate to thinking and dealing with other human beings.The more you understand the unconditional love we are supposed to give each other, the same unconditional love most moms give an infant, or the same unconditional love that God gives you on a regular basis, no matter how you think of God, one thing becomes clear fairly quickly. Most human beings are not ready for thinking and acting with that level of love with each other on a regular basis.

The primary reason that humans are not capable of that level of love with each other is because they do not know that they have the ability to think.They think so little of their own thoughts. Consider the phenomenon of the cult for instance. How does one really determine when a group is a cult and when a group is not a cult? Cults actually show up in many places and in many organizations. They can be within political, religious or esoteric groups.Unfortunately, more often than not, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They appear to be something that they are not.

It is actually fairly easy to spot a cult. When any unit of awareness (individual)or a collective group of people want everyone to do everything the same way, or say everything the same way, or think everything exactly the same way, especially if they want them to do this without any challenge to the thought process, that entity is a cult.

When any individual in a group has lost the ability to challenge the thoughts of their group, that person no longer functions as a human being, much less a spiritual being.

When any person just accepts everything that the leaders or individuals in their organization say and do without question, they have lost their free will.They have lost the choice to take another thought, to take another road, to understand where they came from. They have also lost the ability to understand where they are going. They surrender their humanity when they surrender their freedom to think.

We’re really talking about how the mind influences the Chi that flows between people and through organizations. When you understand the importance of being able to take a new thought, you will be able to trace the entire rise and fall of any business, of any religion and even the rise and fall of any country in history. The rise and fall of any organization will be greatly determined by those in that society, business or country who are able and willing to continue to embrace freedom and take a new thought. How does a country like Germany become a Nazi Germany? It happens when enough people lose the ability to think intelligently.

It happens when enough people lose the ability to understand the basic premise of thought.

So how does one cultivate independent thought? Conscious breathing and communion with Nature are several key ways to cultivate freedom of thought. They are both tremendously beneficial. And there are several other practical ways to cultivate and keep an open mind.

Some of the greatest books available in the area of spiritual growth, especially for women, are books by Annalee Skarin. Her book, “Ye are Gods” is extraordinary. The title comes from a quote in an Old Testament psalm. A tremendous source that often appeals to men comes from a man by the name of Jim Goure, a nuclear physicist and profound visionary, particularly his“.” This is available free of charge from the United Research website:

Another great way to open up one’s thinking process is to read religious books that come from religious traditions other than your own, especially if you happen to adhere to one kind of religion. Doing so will very often fan the flames of your own faith. Many people who are threatened by such an idea are unaware that they have already lost the ability to think for themselves.They are unaware that having lost the ability to think is what is really giving rise to their fear. This surrender of their free will actually drives their fear. Becoming truly enlightened is a process of being able to take the next thought, then reach out and take the next one, and then turn around again and think the next one.

After you have done Tai’ Chi Gung and you are doing some of the disciplines that we share through the Circle of Life Seminars and on , you will soon come to see that the mind is really something incredibly beautiful. In Tai’Chi Gung we use the mind not just to read and study academics.

Yes,academic pursuits are important, but we also use the mind to raise self worth,build up self esteem and improve self confidence. To use the mind in this way is to look at the world a little bit differently.

curated by Glen Brink at
from Master Lama Rasaji in “The Circle of Life” at