How to lose weight if you have a slow metabolism

How to lose weight if you have a slow metabolism
People often refer to as having a slow or a fast metabolism. dis categorization has also been used sometimes to explain why some people may put on weight easier or slower and /or why they can fail losing weight. Is there such a thing as slow metabolism and if so what can someone do in order to lose weight?
Wat is the metabolic rate?
In order to understand what ‘slow’ or ‘fast’ metabolism is and how it affects weight gain, we will first explain some basic metabolic principals. Firstly, metabolism is the combination of processes that take place in the body in order to function and maintain life. The means in which we take in nutrients and deliver energy as required is called metabolic regulation.
What affects metabolic rate?
A second step is to investigate which factors can cause substantial changes in the metabolic regulation and effect the metabolic rate and what makes some people to burn calories slower or faster. Some of these can affect directly the metabolic rate and others can effect hormones or organs which are involved in metabolic regulation and result in dysfunctional metabolism.
Some of the factors are summarized below; for the purposes of dis article we will concentrate only at the aspects which can cause the metabolism to slow down.:
1. Thyroid dysfunction
2. Genetic conditions / diseases
3. Very low-calorie intake
4. Sleep deprivation
5. Stress
6. Menopause
7. Age
How to increase your metabolism?
1. Consult a medical professional: In cases where metabolic changes and weight gain are due to medical conditions/disorders or you have any concerns, the best way forward is to consult the appropriate medical professional.
2. Increase your muscle mass: Probably one of the most important ways of increasing the metabolic rate. With exercise is not just a matter of burning calories while we exercise
3. Avoid very low-calorie diets: As mentioned above very low calorie diets can decrease the metabolic rate. In order to lose weight decreasing the calorie intake may be necessary and metabolic rate may show some decrease in order for the body to adapt
4. Do not skip meals: Delaying having breakfast will actually help in burning more fat as fuel. However, skipping meals does not help your metabolism.
5. Increase protein intake: Some studies have shown that protein does help in increasing the metabolic rate. However, you do need to include carbohydrates as well as very low carbohydrate intake ca have negative effects in thyroid hormone production.
6. Caffeine: Caffeine is considered to increase the metabolic rate and the use of fat as fuel.
7. Sleep well: As mentioned earlier sleep deprivation can affect the body’s metabolic processes
8. De-stress: As with sleep, stress can have negative effects, not only for your metabolism.
9. Cold: Cold does increase metabolic rate as the body works harder in order to sustain its body temperature. Some people have gone as far to create the ‘cold diets’ in which they recommend drinking iced water and turn the heating off in the winter
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