How Leverage Lets Him Do What He Loves & Leave a Legacy


Samith Pich spent two years trying to figure out this
internet marketing. Two years, tens of thousands of dollars
in expenses, tons of headaches, and a grand whopping total
of $50 in revenue.

Then he spent one week, $300 in expenses and made $1500.
And then made $9000 just a short while later.

And soon after that made enough to “take a month off and spend time
with his family”.

To what does he attribute this miraculous turn of events?

What does he mean by leverage?

Well, you can watch this video and hear Samith explain it in his own
words here

But, in a nutshell, what Samith means by leverage is not
wasting any time on things he doesn’t want to do or know
how to do…

• Like creating products
• Like crafting emails for marketing sequences
• Like getting on the phone and closing deals
• Like high-ticket, high-pressure sales
• Like developing websites and landing pages
• Like writing persuasive sales copy
• Like warehousing expensive and space-hogging inventory

Leverage, to Samith, means finding a system where all that
“heavy lifting” is done for you.

Leverage, to Samith, means finding a “vehicle that’s already running”
and simply leaning to steer it.

Leverage, to Samith, means getting fully positioned in a system that
delivers $1,000…$3,000 and $5000 commissions without lifting the

Doing it the old way, doing everything himself, wasting
time with unproven, do-it-yourself systems…well, that cost
Samith a lot of time, money and headaches. It cost him two
years of his life and “tens of thousands of dollars” out of
his bank account to be specific.

But after Samith discovered the done-for-you “leverage”
available with MTTB, he’s been able to finally dedicate
himself to his life dreams of “loving a lot and leaving a

Talk later,

Mohammed Yusuf Jaafar