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You’re invited to participate


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Rocket fuel


You’ve read the internet marketing success stories.

You’ve read the blogs of successful internet marketers.

You’ve seen them at marketing events.

You’ve watched their videos.

And my guess is…you soooo want to be like them.

You want to be visibly successful too!

Well, it CAN happen.

Remember in my last email, I cautioned you to use
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Well, when you achieve your first online victory
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Muhammad Yusuf Jaafar

Are you currently at work?


If you are currently at work (or have a job)
your boss will HATE knowing you’ve seen
this video…

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Most bosses would hate knowing you are
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Once you really master marketing online
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Talk Soon

Mohammed Yusuf Jaafar

I finally received my first check


Today Review by John Benjamin
“After 8 years of an unsuccessful attempt to make money
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If you really want to make it to the top I will suggest you
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From McDonald’s to Millions


John Chow claims to be unemployable.
John Chow claims to be unemployable.

He worked at McDonald’s for a total of 4 hours and quit. He
did phone sales for a carpet cleaning company and got
canned. Then he sold car audio at a retail store and was

He’s worked for someone else for a total of about 8 months.
He quickly realized that he couldn’t work for someone else.
He considers himself unemployable.

So, he taught himself internet marketing. Built websites.
Made some money. Started a very successful blog.Then
he discovered MTTB.

What happened next? You’ll be blown away.

And, yes, I’m linking you to John’s testimonial because it
proves MTTB works and I’d like you to give it at try…but
pay close attention to what John says about internet
marketing and how MTTB does it even if you decide not to
give MTTB a try.It’s an online marketing lessons all by itself.

Talk later,

Mohammed Yusuf Jaafar

Get started Your Own Home Business

Previously, I told about about Frank Calabro Jr’s Home Business.


I’m just blown away by his simple and effective strategy to
make money using his basic Home Business.

He started his Home business with NO capital,
in the first few months while still remaining as a
one-person business!

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Now if you want earn some pocket money during this
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I’ve been told by Frank Calabro Jr’s that there’s only *8* slots left
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P.S. P.S: My favorite section of the guide
is where Jim gives you 10 of his TOP-
SELLING wood crafts. This is really the
“golden-goose” for woodworking businesses.


Nervous? It’s a good thing…

Hi [fname],

I know how you are feeling right now.

You’re excited. Maybe a little nervous.

But it’s a GOOD type of “nervous”.

The one that propels you into ACTION.

Much like the type of nervous adrenaline
Usain Bolt might feel before charging
down the hundred meter stretch to a
glorious WIN!

That’s how I felt when I began my
internet marketing career. And, now,
I can honestly say it has paid off.

I want pay it forward.

I want to help you.

And if you stick with me over the
next few weeks and months, I will
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you achieve the online success
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Ok, good.

Look out for my next email.

You don’t want to miss it.

To Your Internet Marketing Success,

Muhammad Yusuf Jaafar

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Nothing can match SFI!


Today Review by B. Huser
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B. Huser

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The Plug-In Profit Site has been a godsend to me


Today Review by Howard Whittington
“The Plug-In Profit Site has been a godsend to me. Not only am
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– Howard Whittington

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