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Our Team Will Place 10 PAID Members Under You

Hello Friend Marketer. 

Here at The Towers Team we work with you until you have 10 paid members in your down line.( This Is No Cost To You)
Then we continue the process for your down line as well.

All Of my personal advertising is done with the team rotator
that is set to distribute even hits to all that are in it.
Traffic wave unlike most things on line is a real business that pays you directly with no middle man seizing your funds and closing your accounts and keeping your money.
Traffic wave pays you through 10 levels with weekly Fast Track bonuses.
Regular weekly commissions as well as Leadership bonuses.
This can all add up to a tremendous amount of money over time.
As an added incentive I Am Paying Your Way In and The Towers Team has everything all set up to get any new members up and running.
All new members on my team will be added to my Rotator as well so you will be in TWO..(It Helps me to help you)...
In short you are part of a real business with the best auto responder money can buy.
You can add other campaigns if you like all for the same low cost of 17.95 per month.
Easily made back with your first new member.

So What Are You Waiting For?
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see you.. inside

Vijay kumar


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Online business doesn’t have to be all
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New Credit Mailer Option: Email More People, Starting Now…

Just a quick, but very important email today…


The guys at ViralURL have done something very

interesting that I wanted to make sure you hear


You may know of ViralURL, it was one of the first

ever list mailers and has been an industry leader

since. They have spent over $25,000 just on their

mailing technology that rivals many auto responders,

but there has always been a problem, the cost to get

going was always out of most people’s reach…

…until now…

They have turned the industry on it’s head releasing

their new concept ‘credit mailer’ giving you the

ability to mail 6,000 real people every month, for

such a tiny investment.

Watch their short video right now —>

Here is what you will be able to do:

* Email 1,000 people in the next few minutes

* Receive 200 email credits each and every day

* Email real, active users

* Incentivized clicks for higher CTRs

* Earn 20 email credits for each link you click (only

available with this membership add-on they created)

Don’t wait, as they might limit this if it is too

popular because there is no way they are making

money on this membership based on their infrastructure


Warm Regards,


As Time Passes and the Newness Wears Off.


As many in this industry know, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer

a.k.a SOTAM, has been online for over 9 years now. While

a websites time online is important, it is just as important to

remain active as time passes and the newness wears off.


SOTAM has generated the following stats which we include

on our site… which is rare to find in this industry …

– 39,090 members

– Ranked #1 by Hoopla for years!

– Operating for 9 years now

– NEVER a missed payment during that time

– 1,989,929,060 emails sent since launch in 2010

– 69,171,019 million clicks (ads opened) generated

– 387,494,719 Time-Bonus Banner Ad views

– 385,165.66 in commissions earned by members

– High commission potential

– Multiple membership levels available

We have seen a lot of turmoil in digital marketing over

the past couple of years and have experienced some changes

of our own. While change is inevitable, it doesn’t have to

be unpredictable. We’re evolving each and every day to move

with those changes and are still running strong!

By all means, join new programs to help you promote your

products or services as they come out if they are quality…

but make SOTAM your predictable and reliable go-to

resource where members are still active even after the

newness has long faded.


Brad Webb



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If you see this message at the bottom of our promotional

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Richard’s Go Founders

Richard P Lamothe here with you

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Richard P Lamothe

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