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Cool new video sketch, doodle animation software.


It’s Vic Bilson here with an update about what I’ve been doing
with an amazing piece of video/sketch animation software.

Explaindio Video Creator is video making, doodle sketch software
like you have never seen before. I’ve been cutting my teeth with
version 1 which launched last year… and now they are releasing
a NEW version that will absolutely blow your socks off.

This revolutionary software combines the next generation animated
and sketch/whiteboard technologies that drove THE two BIGGEST
launches of 2014 on JVZOO!

Explaindio Video Creator allows you to quickly and easily produce a
variety of different types of videos:
– Video Sales Letters
– Marketing Videos
– Viral Advertisements
– Video Training
– Product Promotion Videos

Explaindio Video Creator is a set of templates that:
— allows you to easily created animated explainer videos that also
include whiteboard sketch and HD video clips.
— allows you to easily add HD video with audio!
— allows you to move and size animated explainer elements

What you can now do with doogle sketch animations is nothing
short of amazing.

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