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2000 Satoshi every 30 minutes

Claim 2000 Satoshi every 30 minutes.
This is a fun way to earn free Satoshi (Bitcoin).
It is not an ordinary faucet where you solve captcha and get Satoshi, it is a 3D online free to play game called Planet Of Luck.

1- Visit the website, register a new account for free by clicking “Create account” button.
2- Download Planet Of Luck.
3- Log in.
4- Create your character.
5- You will receive a free item called “lvl 1 Hate bottle” in a notification inside the game.
6- Activate the bottle and kill monsters to fill it.
7- Sell the filled bottle for 2500 Satoshi or more to other players through direct trade, Market or Orders.
8- Purchase another bottle for 500 Satoshi then repeat.

There are more than just that, you can skill up your character to earn more and have fun.
Browse through the website to learn more and don’t be shy and chat with other online players for any questions you may have.
Looking forward to meet you in Planet Of Luck.


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Attract More Customers To Any Business!

Imagine for a moment that you are a small business owner, with your store located in a busy location.

You have great products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, but for some reason, you are not getting the traffic you need to survive.

You are paying a lot of overhead, including, but not limited to:
Inventory (shipping returns, shrink)
Website Expenses

You understand that the cost of acquiring a new customer is far higher than keeping a happy customer.

As you look out at the parking lot, and watch as carloads of people, parking their cars, and walking to a nearby business, where they will spend their money, you wonder how much longer you will be able to keep your business open.

My Friend, you need a Gem. This is a new device, using Bluetooth technology, which reaches every smart phone within 100 meters, or 390 feet.

NOW, you see cars pull up, with people planning to visit a store a few doors away, but you send them a message, with one click, and watch as they reach for their phone, with your mouth-watering offer (make it for a short time, so they are compelled to visit you immediately). All of a sudden you watch as they reconsider going straight to the competitor’s store, and walk toward YOUR DOOR!

Of course, one of the most efficient ways to attract many customers, is to send your message to people inside a crowded venue, perhaps that concert or sporting event! You don’t even need to buy a ticket and go in, because any phone with Bluetooth turned on will receive your message, within 100 meters!

Maybe something like this:

Your co-workers are craving donuts!

Stop at The Donut Shoppe on the way to work tomorrow
and show us this message to BOGO a dozen of
the freshest, melt-in-your-mouth donuts in town!

The Donut Shoppe
1234 Main St.
Any Town, ST, 98765

The price of this device is very reasonable and will pay for itself over and over again, with all your new business. With only 3 referrals, the device costs you nothing!

Rest assured that if you pass this up, your competitors WILL BUY IT, leaving you in the same situation you are suffering with now!

The Gem can be used for just about any business you can think of, as long as you use it creatively and as frequently as you like!

If you would like more information about the Gem, as a customer, or an extremely well-paid affiliate, please visit my site.

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Please contact me with any questions!

Wendy Blessing

Learn While You Earn Bitcoin.


As many of you know, I have been advising people to get into Bitcoin

since 2014 via my Bitcoin Basics Series on bradwebb{DOT}net.

Just to put it in perspective, Bitcoin was around $250 for almost the

entire year of 2015 and if you followed that advise, you have done

well with it being over $2,000 today.

So let’s get right to the point here with some more advise. While

nothing is guaranteed, Crypto is here to stay and will most likely

increase in popularity as time goes by.


Global unrest and governments that continue to print money based

on nothing is taking it’s toll on economies around the world. People

are looking for safe havens to hold their wealth have discovered

Bitcoin. Gold used to be the standard hedge for such a thing but

Bitcoin has become the new virtual gold.

Given that, isn’t it time to learn all about Bitcoin?

Now you can by joining ICoinPro which is currently in pre-launch

and earn while you learn!

Check out these topics…

The core sets of modules are an overview and introduction to the

world of cryptocurrencies.

Basic Intro to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

A brief history

Bitcoin Myths

Benefits of cryptocurrencies

How does bitcoin work?


How to aquire Bitcoin

Cryptography and the security behind cryptocurrency


The price of Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin

Making money from cryptocurrencies




ICOs explained

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Step by Step guide to buying and storing your first digital coin

Useful resources

Core overview

Don’t let this be yet another “reflection” on what you should have

seen coming. Amazon is proof that online transactions will only

get larger in the future. Doesn’t it make sense that online

currency is inevitably going to follow?

Join now and learn what this is all about!


Brad Webb



Let me ask you a question

Hi Cheryl,

Let me ask you a question…

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Or, do you FINALLY feel like you’ve got things figured out, and as you are about to move forward on your dreams…

You get ANOTHER email… from ANOTHER guru… telling you about the NEW shiny object of the day…

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If that sounds like you… then don’t worry. I can help.

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