Are You Leveraging the Traffic Source that OWNS Mobile?


I don’t exactly have to be Nostradamus to predict that
smart phones will be around for a very long time. Every day
the smart phone swallows up more of our lives…the wrist
watch, the camera, the flashlight, the wallet, the
calendar, the calculator…

And, increasingly, your customers.

Matt Lloyd wrote about what this means for the internet
marketing world, and how to position your business to take
advantage of it in his last MLR newsletter.

But, one traffic source is poised to leverage and exploit
the smart phone future like no other.


-Smart phone users check Facebook approximately 14 times
per day.
-Users are connected to Facebook almost 24/7.
-80% of Facebook users log in via their smart phone
-Facebook now effects Google search engine results

Facebook owns the phone. Facebook owns your customers.

So, one of the smartest things you, as an internet
marketer, can do is get really, really good at driving paid
Facebook traffic to your offer. If Facebook owns the
future, figuring out how to leverage FB traffic is $1,000
per hour work, if you ask me.

Find out how to get really, really good at Facebook
advertising, YouTube advertising, and other lucrative
traffic channels here.

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To Your Internet Marketing Success,

Mohammed Yusuf Jaafar