Hey it’s Richard,

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Building your list one person at a time,
and making “one and done” commissions…

…is simply NOT going to get you anywhere.

To get RICH online, you need to be *leveraging*
your individual efforts as an online marketer.

Normally this would mean creating your OWN
product and launching an affiliate program.

But product creation is HARD WORK!

Well finally, there’s a new affiliate marketing
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By turning your own email subscribers into an
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Now, don’t get me wrong. You still have to provide
the ‘spark’ for the system by sending traffic. (That
is a given no matter what you’re doing online.)

But the ‘Hardcore Funnel System’ (HFS), as it is
called, takes over from there. You send traffic.
The ingenious HFS system does the rest.

If you’ve never experienced the RUSH of referring
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Richard Adams