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[FIRST_NAME] Free High Quality Traffic EVERY Month


If you are trying to get more signup and sales, then the one thing you can always use is lots of traffic.

Especially if that traffic is coming from high quality sources with visitors who are paying attention and interested in new offers.

That is why I am excited to tell you about a new traffic club called Web’s Best Traffic that just launched on Monday! It is different from anything you have ever seen.

Free members get to pick 2 traffic packages or upgrades from their favorite sites just for joining. Every month, they get to pick another traffic package or upgrade at no cost.

Head on over today and grab your free monthly traffic.

Richard Adams

PS Upgrade to Premium like I did for peanuts – as low as
$5.75 – to get over $50 worth of high quality traffic packages monthly. You also get to give away free traffic packages to build your list & earn commissions. What a deal!!

[FIRST_NAME] Need REAL Help? Get It Here


How many programs have you joined thinking that “this one” is the answer to your prayers? How many actually did what they promised?

You cannot succeed if you just jump from program to program but so many folk do it.The programs often just don’t deliver ever.

Now, there is a new program that grows with you and won’t surprise you with lots of other products you need to buy in order to be successful. It is a complete system to turn traffic into commissions in dozens of top programs.

And get this – once you’ve provided the traffic which anyone can do, the rest of it is DONE FOR YOU. You don’t need an auto responder or have to follow up leads.

If like so many marketers you are short on time, money & experience then this is for you!!

Richard Adams

[FIRST_NAME] Can You Believe This? I Can’t


Your Viral Mailer relaunching today with many new features. Will be an even higher converting mailer from now on.

Running on same platform that Unlock Your List used to add 4000 members in under six weeks. Terrific potential for you, can’t you see?

All the power of a complete email marketing system WITHOUT you needing an auto responder or having to send a single email. Appealing isn’t it?

Using your referral link compelling offers will be sent to YOUR traffic. They will become your subscribers and you will EARN.

Try it, send some traffic and watch the magic.

Richard Adams

PS No cost to give it a go.

[FIRST_NAME] Free 2000 Member Solo Email


Unlock Your List, by Jeff Rogers, is the fastest growing safelist mailer on the market .. hands down. It has now added 3,500 members in only one month since launch. That is amazing!

He is not letting it slow down though, because he just announced that he is giving 2,000 credits to every new member who joins the program. That gives you the ability to email 2,000 members to promote your opportunity or lead capture page … without having to click a single link to earn credits.

You know that those 2,000 people who receive your email are paying attention because they all joined in just the last 4 weeks. No old, worn out lists. Just fresh new prospects who want to see your pages!

Click below to join today and get your 2,000 Member Solo Email for Free.

Good luck with your promoting.

Richard Adams

[FIRST_NAME] Guaranteed Winnings Are Almost Over


For the last week, Jeff Rogers has been giving away guaranteed prizes to every new member who joins Unlock Your List. It has worked like magic because they are just about to cross 3,000 members in less than 4 weeks since launch.

You want to get on this fast moving train while you can still get a $5 GUARANTEED Random Bonus Prize just for joining as a free member.

Unlock Your List is so much more than a safelist because it also builds YOUR email list. It is so much more than a list builder because it also sends a professional email series to your list that gets them to join multiple programs from YOUR Affiliate Links. There have already been more than 400 tracked signups and sales that have come from the automatic promotions at Unlock Your List!

Once hits hit 3,000 the bonus will end, so you need to join today.

You cannot lose and you are guaranteed to win!

Click below to join today. Love to see you inside.

Richard Adams

[FIRST_NAME] Seriously Can You Believe This? I Couldn’t


If you’re struggling at all to get on the earning ladder to online success then here is the answer to your prayers?

The solution to the problem facing so many of us. “How the hell can I convert the leads I am getting into paying sign ups?”

Join Your Success Advantage that does everything – the lot – for you. Nothing like it ever before. Sign up, get paid and relax.

Richard Adams

PS Doing the lot for you sounds unbelievable. It isn’t.

Seriously Can You Believe This?


I wonder if sometimes you have the same problem I did? Getting leads is not too tough but getting them to convert into paying sign ups was my weakness. Unless they spent something I earned nothing. 

Would it help you to join the new program I did?

The sales pitch caught my eye. “We convert your leads for you”.

I joined and it is working. Virtually a done for you system. 

Please join me.

Richard Adams

PS No cost to take a look. Program is launching right now so great time to check it out.  

Not Getting The Commissions You Deserve?


Big problem for many of us marketers is getting our leads to convert into paying sign ups. We don’t know how to crack this problem.

I’ve found the answer which works like a dream. Join Your Success Adavantage, a new genuinely done for you program, send them your leads and they convert them for you. You sit back and get paid. Job done!

Seriously you need this if you want to get started properly online with commissions coming in. None of us are working online for the hell of it or for our health!!

Richard Adams

PS If you are raking in big commissions already then ignore this. Otherwise jump in now.

Goodbye To Your Zero Commissions Nightmare


Lot of programs are online now offering “Done for You”. Most are baloney! Your Success Advantage is the real deal though.

It looks easy getting fat commissions working online but it isn’t. Why? Most of us, me included, just don’t know how to convert leads into payers.

YSA cracks this once and for all. I supply the quality leads which is dead easy,and they do the rest, everything that is to convert them. I sit back and get paid.

Join me. It’s a game changer for absolute sure.

Richard Adams

PS Seriously this works like a dream.

Serious Game Changing Done For You Program


Most of us can send some e mails etc and get our links clicked. Not difficult, but what most of us CANNOT do is convert them into paying customers.

There is a never before seen program just launching that converts all your leads for you so you get paid over and over. Sound too good to be true? Wrong!!

If you are short on marketing expertise, and time, this is a must for you to join. In short it is a completely done for you system.

Richard Adams

PS No need for you to have and pay for auto responders and trackers. All taken care of for you. This is sweet believe me.