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2000 Satoshi every 30 minutes

Claim 2000 Satoshi every 30 minutes.
This is a fun way to earn free Satoshi (Bitcoin).
It is not an ordinary faucet where you solve captcha and get Satoshi, it is a 3D online free to play game called Planet Of Luck.

1- Visit the website, register a new account for free by clicking “Create account” button.
2- Download Planet Of Luck.
3- Log in.
4- Create your character.
5- You will receive a free item called “lvl 1 Hate bottle” in a notification inside the game.
6- Activate the bottle and kill monsters to fill it.
7- Sell the filled bottle for 2500 Satoshi or more to other players through direct trade, Market or Orders.
8- Purchase another bottle for 500 Satoshi then repeat.

There are more than just that, you can skill up your character to earn more and have fun.
Browse through the website to learn more and don’t be shy and chat with other online players for any questions you may have.
Looking forward to meet you in Planet Of Luck.


First 3D online game based on BitCoin

I would like to introduce you to a place where you can actually spend your Bitcoin, and in the same time earn a lot of Bitcoin, not only use them to trade for flat money.
It is a new 3D online free to play game called Planet Of Luck, the game uses Bitcoin as its currency, you can deposit Bitcoin and withdraw your Bitcoin at anytime.

Planet Of Luck features:
– Each item you get has a value and you can sell back directly to the game, or sell to another player or in Market for more profit.
– Big wins, where you can kill a monster and loot ALOT of Bitcoin.
– Many interactions between players.
– Real cash economy, meaning you can withdraw your Bitcoin and any profit you make at anytime.
– Lifetime referrals commissions, invite your friends and earn commissions while they enjoy the game.
– Own in game assets to earn a lot of Bitcoin.

Funniest place to spend and earn Bitcoin.
Play for free or deposit Bitcoin to speed up your skilling.
New members Receive a free item called Hate bottle (worth 500 Satoshi), you can fill this bottle while killing level 1 monsters for free then sell to other players instantly for 2500 Satoshi through Orders system or sell for more through Market or direct trade with another player.
Give it a try, it doesn’t have a state of art graphic but it has many features to let you earn Bitcoin

Amir games develops different games, and you can withdraw your money from these games in less than 48 hours, take your time and read more about them at the website.


The fun way of making money


I would like to tell you about a free to play 3D online game called Planet Of Dreams that is a real cash economy game where you can convert your in game currency to real world money and withdraw them to your PayPal account at anytime with 1 dollar minimum cashout

It is very easy to make money there by simply killing monsters and collect their drops then sell these drops to other players

There are many other different ways to make more money including very attractive investment plans

Planet Of Dreams is the only game that offers a lifetime commissions when you refer other players to the game through a real time referral system, you can make recurring thousands dollars referring just 1 active player

Join now and level up your character to level 15 and receive 500 Gift boxes containing awesome items


* 1 dollar paypal minimum cashout
* Lifetime commissions from referral
* Many investment plans

Hope to see you in game