Learn While You Earn Bitcoin.


As many of you know, I have been advising people to get into Bitcoin

since 2014 via my Bitcoin Basics Series on bradwebb{DOT}net.

Just to put it in perspective, Bitcoin was around $250 for almost the

entire year of 2015 and if you followed that advise, you have done

well with it being over $2,000 today.

So let’s get right to the point here with some more advise. While

nothing is guaranteed, Crypto is here to stay and will most likely

increase in popularity as time goes by.


Global unrest and governments that continue to print money based

on nothing is taking it’s toll on economies around the world. People

are looking for safe havens to hold their wealth have discovered

Bitcoin. Gold used to be the standard hedge for such a thing but

Bitcoin has become the new virtual gold.

Given that, isn’t it time to learn all about Bitcoin?

Now you can by joining ICoinPro which is currently in pre-launch

and earn while you learn!

Check out these topics…

The core sets of modules are an overview and introduction to the

world of cryptocurrencies.

Basic Intro to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

A brief history

Bitcoin Myths

Benefits of cryptocurrencies

How does bitcoin work?


How to aquire Bitcoin

Cryptography and the security behind cryptocurrency


The price of Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin

Making money from cryptocurrencies




ICOs explained

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Step by Step guide to buying and storing your first digital coin

Useful resources

Core overview

Don’t let this be yet another “reflection” on what you should have

seen coming. Amazon is proof that online transactions will only

get larger in the future. Doesn’t it make sense that online

currency is inevitably going to follow?

Join now and learn what this is all about!


Brad Webb