The RIGHT Program At The RIGHT Time.

Hey friend, it’s Christian here again.

Ok here is the signup source that is
generating me a MINIMUM of 3 signups
each and everyday without fail…

It’s called *Organic Prospects*


Organic Prospects is a biz opp lead
providing service that gives you 70
prospects to message daily along with
a mailer to contact them with.

Getting started is super simple.

1) Simply sign up at:


2) Add your first batch
of 70 prospects into
the provided mailer.

3) Choose your favorite
email ad and click “send”

The results have been AMAZING.

People are not only “visiting” my
site, they are “paying” to join
my program 🙂

Running an ad campaign like this
myself would require hundreds of
hours and thousands of dollars.

I recommend you secure a spot
while they are still accepting
new members:


Trust me on this one.

Christian Sanders

Just email me if you need a helping hand
getting started. This ad source rocks!