Mail All Members Daily For Free – Just Launched


Want more signups and sales? Then you must have more website visitors to your signup or lead capture pages.You must get RESPONSIVE visitors, DAILY.

You can have this by joining Daily Quick Mailer which launched on Monday at noon. It is a new safelist mailer that lets you email as many members are yo have credits … EVERYDAY.

There are no artificial limits on how many emails you can send based on whether you are a free or Premium member.  If you have 2,000 credits, then you can email 2,000 people.  Some sites limit free members to only be able to email 300 members.  Not so at Daily Quick Mailer.

 Admin cares about the results that ALL members get.  More mailing means more traffic and more traffic can convert into more signups and sales.

Daily Quick Mailer is brand new and growing fast and will have thousands of members for you to promote to this month and beyond because of effective strategies applied by owner/admin.

Yes, your time with Daily Quick Mailer will count. It’s now all up to you.

See you on the inside.

Deborah Blades.