Brand New Method of Raking in Tons of Amazon Commissions


Before now, if you sell on Amazon or you’re promoting
Amazon products as an affiliate… your only real method
of selling was to drive tons of cold traffic (FB ads, PPC) to
the listing or maybe create a review blog and drive tons
of Youtube video & SEO traffic to it…

This new tool will change all that…

A new flagship platform that allows you to use unique
marketing strategy that’s unlike anything you’ve seen
before to put your Amazon sales on steroids.

The reason your Amazon conversions rates stink and
your sales volumes are in the gutter is because you have
absolutely no engagement with the audience you’re trying
to sell products to.

Of course, creating a Youtube review video or blog post
does the honors of reviewing the benefits and cons of the
product BUT that can’t close serious sales…

You need serious interaction and engagement with your
audience in other to close sales fast like the big players.

Here’s a new audience interaction software that closes
Amazon sales like crazy…

The new platform is called Mints App and it’s a cloud-
based customer acquisition and engagement software
that allows you build customer-driven sales funnels with
gorgeous interactive polls.

Unlike any other method of selling (videos, bonus pages,
sales letters, blog posts), this new platforms aims to sell
by engaging the prospect and making them part of the
entire sales process.

It places them in a position of making decisions which
ignites interaction and buzz.

This leads to wide engagement across the board that
instantly creating trust and relationship resulting in sales.

Honestly, in my many years of marketing, I’ve never seen
a more unique, advanced and effective way of selling
Amazon products like this…

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling apparels or books on
Amazon, this going to change everything for you.

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