Does this question bug you?

All day, all night, the same question keeps coming to me. It is bugging me like crazy. I cannot get if off of my mind.

Here’s the question [FIRST_NAME]. Do you know that every person you refer to MY ADVERTISING PAYS (MAPs) is potentially worth an ongoing income of $1,500+ per month?

Please read that AGAIN! Yes, if you get just 10 people to follow you in MAPs you could earn up to $15,000 EACH AND EVERY MONTH.

While this is amazing to me, there are other amazing facts.

The MOST amazing thing is that this is so hard for people to see. Actually, I confess, it was hard for me as well. I joined MAPs last November with 10 credit packs. But basically did nothing with it until I gradually began to see the light in April this year.

Now I have grown MAPs so that I presently have 108 credit packs and I am now adding almost two a day – out of earnings (not out of pocket).

I am going for the allowed limit of 1200 credit packs which will qualify me to earn $3,000 of passive income every month. I am simply compounding my daily earnings and my referral commissions into more credit packs until I reach the 1200 limit.

Thus you can also earn $3,000. per month passively without ever referring anyone. That is your choice and probably you (as I do) like and prefer passive income. I am doing that without taking money from my pockets anymore.

It is very important for you to know and realize that EVERY ACTIVE MAPs member earns money everyday without exception. Yes, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you earn money without fail and without having to refer new members.

Of course, if you should decide to share this fantastic biz-op with others, that is how you can also earn an additional $1500 per month per referral. FYI, I presently have 18 personally sponsored members, however, only 6 of these actually own active credit packs. Dozens of others have looked at my link, but not joined.

Here is the next amazing fact: Several of these people have even discussed MAPs with me and STILL do not see the big picture here. People throw hundreds – even thousands – of dollars at all sorts of programs that promise almost instant riches with their super-duper comp plan. The result: about the same as the Indians who sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch in the 1600’s for a few shiny glass beads!

Yet these same people who do this are not willing to put a few bucks into one of the best real businesses that has come along since Al Gore invented the internet!

The most amazing one of all is a person who originally bought 10 packs last November, grew it out of earnings to 15 packs, then stopped – and started withdrawing all the earnings – now has NOTHING! That person could easily have had 50 – 75 packs by now and be well on the way to a handsome retirement income. Foolish!

So many look, but do not see the big picture. Yes, even some members join but they never see the big picture. That’s amazing to me – but OK. I only need a few people to go for the 1200 credit packs like me which will allow me (and them) to retire comfortably. You can do the same.

MAPs is a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone to make money in their own business. I’m putting my efforts into teaching others about MAPS because it is real. I am already making very good money with MAPs and it is earning me about $65 a day – 7 days a week. That equals $1950 a month and takes less than 10 minutes a day.

But that is not all – that income is now GROWING by about a dollar a day! Visualize what that will be next year. Thousands of dollars per month. MAPS is a great base to begin building your “work-from-home” empire.

It is simple to sign-up and fund your account. Buy as many credit packs as you can afford and then click your 10 ads per day. If you do that, you make money. The compounding effect is incredible.
Try to get to 42 credit packs or more as soon as possible because then you can buy another credit pack with your earnings every second day. (42 is the second “magic number” with MAPs. To see my list of five “magic MAPs numbers” and other details on how to maximize your earnings, just send me an email asking for my MAPs report.)

Just start! You will be happy that you did this!

If you have not joined yet, now is the time to do so. You, your family, your future generations will benefit from your decision today. You will never regret this decision.

I have not even mentioned the other half of MAPs in this discussion. It is that with MAPs you are buying advertising for any business you want to promote. I advertise all my other programs on MAPs. Very profitable.

Questions? Want my PDF report on MAPs?
Call or write. I’ll answer.
James Sloan