Filling in Downline Builders made EASY!

Introducing DLB Caddy…

It’s a browser extension and it works with
virtually every downline builder page in any
program – 97% and climbing in fact!

I tested this browser extension for nearly a year..
AND I love it!

This incredible new browser extension fills in
all your downline builders automatically, whenever you
visit them.

It works with virtually EVERY downline builder..
so no more manually entering IDs into downline builders..
you can have DLB Caddy do it for you in a matter of seconds.

It also has an optional subscription service
that will notify you when a downline builder adds
a new program you’re a member of so that you can
add your ID and never miss a referral again.

It has every tool you need for managing your
downline builders like a pro.


Tony Tezak

P.S. Nearly all safelists and traffic exchanges
have a downline builder these days, and not filling them
out means potentially lost referrals and sales..

It used to be time consuming but not anymore with DLB Caddy!