A new TE with a Great Design and Innovation!

Hey There,

Darrell Dean, the creator of the “Surfing Calculators” has
just launched a brand new traffic exchange that introduces a
revolutionary new surfing concept called
“Synchronized Surfing!”

Calculating Traffic is a full-featured traffic exchange that
focuses on three key principles: Results, Fairness and Service.

So what is synchronized surfing? Calculating Traffic lets you
link your banners and text ads with your web sites and
splash pages,boosting your advertising power by giving you
triple exposure to your ads every time your site is shown!

*Low commission payouts, paid automatically after account
balances reaches $10 or greater, payable within 14 days
(for all members, not just Pro members like other exchanges!)
*Earn up to 50% commissions on one-time offers
*Earn up to 10% of credits earned from direct referrals surfing
*Referral bonuses
*6-10 second timer
*Fair surfing ratios, starting at 2:1 (0.5)
*Dynamic surfing ratios, which increase with surfing activity
*Your surfing ratio is calculated for you, showing how your
credit prizes really add up!

Be one of the first 750 members to join this exciting new TE
and Darrell will pay you $2.00 added to your account!


Tony Tezak