I Hated Safelists.. Until I Found This Awesome Software

That is right I thought safelists took way too much time.

Setting up email accounts, folders and so on and so on. Then all the extra steps to get those so needed credits.

But now I discovered this amazing software that brings everything together.

Let The Genie Help You Save Time:
– Organize All Your Safelist Accounts;
– Grab and Read Credit Emails;
– Send Your Credit Mails with Just One Click;
– Track Safelist Performance;
– Submit Banners and Text Ads;
– Keep Track Of Your Credits, Referrals, Cash, Next Mailing Time;
– Build Your Downlines!
– All within the software!

But HURRY this just launched and the price will BE GOING UP after the first 100 signups.


Kind Regards,