Boost My Online Biz: 6 MORE Sales (330.00 PROFIT)

We all know what compounding
interest means and the power
it has when investing.

Well Boost My Online Biz is the
ONLY lead service with compounding

– Every day you get 80
fresh leads with BMOB

– Every day you login to
the provided mailer they
offer and click “import
80 leads”

– You can then mail your new
80 leads IN ADDITION to
all previously imported leads.

So day 1, you mail 80 leads

Day 2, you mail 160 leads

Day 15 you mail 1,200 leads

Day 30 you mail 2,400 leads

And so on!

In one of my accounts I’m 33
days into the service so when
I imported my latest batch of
80 leads into the provided
mailer I now can mail 2640 leads.

Yesterdays results are in:

20% open rate
337 clicks
42 optins
6 sales (55.00 x 6 = 330.00)

330.00 from 1 mailing that took
less than 5 minutes!

And since I get 80 new leads
every day, my opens, optins,
clicks and SALES compound

The reason BMOB leads convert so
high is because they aren’t just
“clicking to earn credits” like
most safelist users do.

These leads have GENUINE interest
in biz opp & Internet Marketing
and are EXPECTING to hear from
someone just like YOU.

I’ll be online ALL day if you
need me 🙂

Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.

…If at first you don’t succeed,
Try, try, try again…