97.77777% Of My Conversions (Come From HERE)

You need to see this.

EASILY the most advanced and HARD CORE
marketing method you’ll ever witness.

===> http://www.organicprospects.com/?ref=Vigilant

What these guys do is INSANE.

They run massive prospect acquisition
campaigns on social media sites, targeting
people that want to work online.

Once they double opt-in, they are
graded between 0-100% based on their
Genuine Interest (how interested they
are in working online)

This next part will blow your mind.

They take only the ones that grade
between 75-100% and give you 70
of them EVERY DAY.

The rest get thrown in the trash.

On Tuesday I sent out a mailing
to just 210 (3 days worth) of
these prospects, promoting my
skeptic friends affiliate link.

He said if he got a sale he
would join right away and
buy me a couple beers.

Less than 24 hours later he
got THREE sales from that

He bought me a whole case 🙂

===> http://www.organicprospects.com/?ref=Vigilant

Dustin Gallagher

P.S. I got email yesterday from a guy using
Organic Prospects that is getting a
20% Conversion rate on a COLOGNE MLM

For some reason, that amuses me.

Anyway – no matter what you’re selling, this will help you
and you can’t dispute the reputation these guys have 🙂