Reasons You Must Sell High-Priced Products


There are many obvious reasons that selling high-priced
products makes more sense than selling low-priced products.

-You need to make fewer sales to make more money
-You need to inventory less product
-You benefit from higher margins and therefore higher profit
-You process fewer transactions which means lower processing fees
-You ship fewer products, which means lower shipping and labor fees

But there are a couple of bizarre reasons you may not have

Bizarre reason #1. People who purchase high-priced products
are far more likely to actually use those products and
benefit from them.

As strange as it may seem, people who pay for a $1000
coaching session, are more likely to implement that advice
than they are to implement the VERY SAME ADVICE if it comes
from a $19 ebook.

People just don’t value or implement “cheap” advice. No
matter how good it is.

But, the higher implementation rate of high priced products
means more success stories, which means more glowing
testimonials, which means more sales for you. It’s a profit

Bizarre reason #2. People who purchase high-priced products
complain less than people who purchase high priced

Again, it seems strange. You’d think that the more money
you spend on a product, the more discerning and picky you’d
be. But that’s not the case.

As Tim Ferriss points out in his bestseller, The 4-Hour

“Higher pricing attracts lower-maintenance customers
(better credit, fewer complaints/questions, fewer returns,
etc.) It’s less headache. This is HUGE”

Price shoppers and penny pinchers are usually a pain in the
backside on so many levels.

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low-maintenance products in your business, then find out
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