Is It Your Turn In The HOT Seat?

Believe it or not, Team Links Across The Web wants to help you succeed in your Internet marketing efforts. We’re not just recruiting TrafficWave referrals for our members, we’re offering a way for you to promote every one of the programs you are currently advertising and earn a substantial residual income in the process.

I am not being negative when I say that you cannot succeed without using an AutoResponder, I’m being realistic. You may be surfing day in and day out earning Traffic Exchange and Safelist credits (or even spending money to purchase them) but the potential leads who see your ad are lost as soon as they delete your message or click to see the next site. That is unless you have a way of collecting their contact information so you can follow up.

TrafficWave has the tools for you to do just that. And Team LATW has the way for you to earn a substantial residual income while using those tools. Each individual Team has only 3 members who rotate among themselves to recruit referrals for their Team. After you’ve been at the top and received a referral, you move to the bottom for only TWO more rotations. then you’re at the top again. Over and over.

Take a moment to study exactly how our system works on our Team Page. It’s so simple, yet so effective.