Do you need help with your home business?

If you are marketing an affiliate product or even
your own product, the first thing you need to have
is a sales funnel. That’s a capture page, autoresponder
with messages, tracking and traffic sources.

Team Elite Home Businesses supplies all that plus more:
1. Promote any site or link
2. Autoresponder – Broadcaster
3. Unlimited subscribers – lead storage – compare that
4. Unlimited autoresponders
5. Unlimited lead capture system pages fully editable
6. Commissions up to 75 per cent
7. Random Leads through rotator
8. Multiple Streams of Income
9. Integrated Downline Builder
10. Premiere Leads Generating Systems using top
converting funnels
11. We are team builders over 3000 strong we know
how to build a home business
12 Thousands of assorted bonus credits and no cost
memberships in ad sites and mailers.

Of course you can do all of that on your own,
set up a hosting account, learn how to use a
coding program to build your own capture pages,
find a free or low cost autoresponder, write
your own subscriber messages, design your own
banners using photoshop or its no cost cousin,
gimp and the list goes on and on.

I’ve learned how to use most of the programs. I have
hosting and I used to make all my own capture pages.
It was a huge learning curve and took way too much time.

The main thing to take away from this email is that
your efforts should be directed toward writing emails
and posting ads. That is where you’ll earn income.

So if you don’t want to go it alone or spend all
your time on set up and design, Team Elite Home
Businesses is the way to go.

My best,
Maggie Eslinger
List Vapor