The Millionaire Mindset … Do You Have It?


I recently went to the mall with my son. As we walked in there were a row of gumball machines. I asked him what they were. At first he started to reply a sweet chewy kind of candy but then stopped mid-sentence, looked at me and replied, “They are an investment.” He understood the lesson.

Here is the story he learned the lesson from ….



I was recently listening to an audiotape/book called “Marketing for Millions” by CEO Space with many successful multi-millionaire speakers present. One of them was speaking about the “millionaire mindset” and presented this case scenario …

There are 100 people in the room who are all looking for a new sofa. Each of them are given $1000 to purchase that sofa.


Think about this and what your answer is before you read on.

I will even give you a few extra spaces and extra lines so you have the opportunity to think about your answer.

….thinking ……

… pondering …..

Okay … ready?

The speaker said that 85 of those people would purchase a sofa that cost $1500 and be $500 in debt.

14 of those people would purchase a sofa that cost $700 or $800 and walk away with a profit.

1 of those people would take the money and buy a gum ball machine for $600 and place it in the local mall. They would then spend another $200 putting gum balls in the gum ball machine. Then they would go to the mall every month and collect the money that they are earning from that gum ball machine, month after month. They would take the money earned and buy their sofa and then continue earning from that initial purchase. This one person has the mindset of a millionaire.

What this one person did is create a residual income for themselves. While they do have to go refill the machine and collect the money the bulk of the work was done initially in purchasing and setting up the gum ball machine. Then they collect the money month after month after month.

The person with a millionaire mindset let their money work for them rather than working for their money.

Tai Lopez said on one of his webinars he references how most people view money. They see money as something to use to spend to acquire THINGS that they want. The millionaire however views money as a way to earn more money. Instead of working for their money they have their money work for them.

When thinking about how money is spent … ask yourself this question … is what you are spending your money on going to help you make more money? If you answer YES, then you are investing your money. If you answer NO then you are spending your money. The idea is to tip the scale in the direction of investing rather than spending.

Invest in yourself by seeking out the knowledge, wisdom and know how to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. Invest in your business which will bring you residual income. There are other ways to invest as well (stock market, real estate, etc.) but we will not go into them here.

My goal for this e-mail is to encourage you to evaluate what your mindset is currently and then to encourage a consideration of shifting that mindset … even if just a little … to start thinking like the successful entrepreneur that you are striving to be.

Play the part until you are the part. In your mind BE the entrepreneur that you are striving to be. And shift your thinking to think like a millionaire.