[FIRST_NAME], I don’t know how say it nicely…

Hi !FIRST_NAME!, Boby Carsan here…
Have you heard of Frank Bauer’s new site already?
What he offers is pretty much a no brainer and
I got a hold of it right away.

It will show you how you can earn $3.77 or more
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A cool marketing service with great bonuses…

I am sure you will agree with me once you
get your hands on it yourself…


But when I took a closer look at the “$495”
surprise bonus package my jaw just plainly
dropped… You HAVE to see that.

Frank must be completely NUTS! Overdelivery
is REALLY an understatement.

Talk to you soon,

Boby Carsan

PS: I am not sure if the number of members
they allow access to the system is limited
or they just limit the number of people that
get access at 97% off… anyway, I took right
away advantage of their offer and recommend
you do so too…