[FIRST_NAME] Claim Your 10,000 FREE Traffic Credits


Have you been searching for that certain something to help take your business to the next level?

Well, I just found what you need. You see email marketing is still the most effective way to advertise your business on the internet.

Trouble is getting that list built to email your prospects is very time-consuming and costly. Well, not anymore.

I just heard about this great new place that GIVES you a list to email to. It’s called Ad Master Safelist, and it works!

Now you don’t have to worry about building that list because they do the hard work for you.

Here is what you’ll get:

– A pre-built list to market your products to. These are double opt-in members so you don’t need to worry about SPAM compliance.
– A credit-based platform to encourage members to read your emails so you know you get results.
– 2,000 starting mail credits to get your account going.
– Email the whole list at least every 48 hours.

When you stack it all up you are looking at a $27 value but you get it for FREE!


One other little tidbit I found out. A little secret Promo Code you can use to get an extra 10,000 credits for FREE!

After you sign up and verify your account just type in Promo Code D9ADDDF5B9 to claim your 10,000 free credits. That’s an additional $15.00 value to you for free!


I don’t know how much longer the extra 10,000 credits is going to be around so you would be
smart to go there and get it now!