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John Assaraf’s new program, Winning The Game of Money is LIVE on Mindvalley Academy.
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Here’s why this is important:
This program incorporates the latest scientific research and EVIDENCE-BASED data reviewed by scientists from top institutions like University of California, San Diego.
And it has been tested by doctors, highly successful entrepreneurs, and almost 5000 clients around the world who’ve seen some really phenomenal results.

Dr. Brian Alman, CEO of Tru-Sage International says:

“The incredible mix of cutting-edge technology and positive psychology will transform the lives and results of any business owner and entrepreneur who uses it. It’s also natural, empowering, fun, simple & relaxing… a powerhouse solution.”

Here’s what it will do for you:
With Winning The Game Of Money you can reprogram your brain to become a money magnet in just 90 days!

Just listen to the 9-levels of audio training for 30-mins a day — you’ll benefit from every methodology available like precision affirmations, hypnosis scripts, guided visualizations, and proven money-making meditations, and all the rest.

Plus, its proprietary technology automatically ramps up the intensity and effectiveness of your brain training every single week, for greater and greater results.

ALL of it is specifically designed with one focus: to help you change your beliefs and habits around money and around earning more money.

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