Your Call to Adventure

There is an outline that fits every movie you have ever seen.
It’s called the hero’s journey and it’s present in every story ever told all the way back to
the cavemen.
But there’s one part that’s incredibly important to you.
It’s called the refusal of the call.
In every story the hero must go on a journey. And in every story they refuse the journey
at first.
There is a long list of reasons why heroes say no to adventure. They don’t know if the
journey is even necessary. They have a ten-page list of excuses. They have other journeys that they want to go on.
But you already know that.
Because you have refused plenty of calls to adventure. Not calls to go slay a dragon. But
calls to try a new job. Calls to invest time and money in something you are not
completely sure about.
In the movies, the hero’s refusal of the call results in disaster until they finally accept the
call. But in real life something even worse happens.
When you don’t take any chances or explore new opportunities your life never changes.
And if you are working a 9-5 desk job that overworks you and underpays you then that’s
a tragedy.
Now you have another call to adventure in front of you.
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Richard Mendoza