i don’t do this often, BUT… might be what you’re looking for…

Got a very informative email from my upline sponsor at JeunesseGlobal.com, namely: Paul Hardingham!
As usual, I was tempted to be lazy and just copy the letter, but, I – of good conscience – can’t just do these things the voices in my head prompt me to do.
Anyways, to cut a short story shorter, I wrote him and he says:
Here’s the update on JEUNESSE/INSTANTLY AGELESS that was written by Paul, and has MY links in it, with his consent:

“Just a very quick email to let you know that as of today, Instantly Ageless is now available in the UK. I know for those outside the USA and UK that will be a bit frustrating you still don’t have it, but remember, there’s nothing stopping you from attracting customers in the UK and USA as the internet knows no country boundaries but also don’t worry, it will soon be available worldwide. Jeunesse are doing an amazing job in getting this product into international markets as fast as they can. To be honest I wasn’t expecting them to get IA into the UK market by April as they said that was their target in January and considering how fast the business has been growing, I assumed they would really struggle to get the product over here in that short time frame. But sure enough, today it’s now become available.

So what should be you doing? Personally I think sampling is a GREAT idea. And we have a marketing system already set up to go. I was very specific when I chose my sponsor to make sure they produced top notch marketing systems and so that’s precisely what we’ve got available to us.

There is a great sampling site available to our team here: http://OrderSampleHere.com/ia/?u=1200. When you register at the Team Total Takeover marketing site, you get a copy of that sample page and you simply add your paypal email address in the back office and it’s ready to go.

Then just share your link on facebook or email your friends and people can order Instantly Ageless from your sampling site. They pay £4.95 direct to YOUR paypal account, instantly. You then just send them a sample in the post and follow up a few days later.

If they want more (most people do!), give them a link so they can order direct from your Jeunesse website at retail price (e.g. http://www.lookathereyes.com/Instantly-Ageless/?u=1200 ) or they can become a distributor and get it at the discounted wholesale price.

The retail price is £54.75 (+vat) for a box of 25 vials.
The wholesale price is £32.97 (+vat)

If they buy at retail price, you will see a commission of £21.78 (£54.75-£32.97) for every box they buy. Considering you also made about £3 profit on the sample, getting yourself 10 customers could soon add up to some very healthy monthly profits. Aim bigger – get some beauty salons signed up and you’ll get paid every time they sell a box too and so on. It’s mind boggling potential.

So, if you have not yet signed up to the Team Total Takeover system, I highly recommend you do (we don’t get any commission on referring people to Team Total Takeover, but it will certainly help our team to make sales!). Here’s the link: http://teamtakeovermarketing.com/

Here’s to a rocking 2015!

Paul Hardingham
Skype me: ‘paulhardingham’
Tel: +44 7950 024433”

…and there you have it! Paul understands better how to word marketing stuff, and he’s taught me a lot. Paul is a good mentor, really he is. Of course, he’s goes on holidays and then he’s not available, but he doesn’t leave one “out in the cold”…
He’s been a Home Business Man for long now, and a Successful One, at that.
He got me to see the potential of this business, and I’m glad.
…so, feel free to get hold of him should you have any questions for him (http://www.quit925.co.uk/members/), or just ask me, and I’ll probably shoot him an email first, to check that I’m on the right track!!!


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