A Mailer That CREATES Compelling Emails


Do you just copy and paste emails from the programs your promote?

Does writing your own compelling email copy and subject lines cause you to sweat?

Your solution has just been launched!  Email Marketing Masters.

Writing your own email copy can be difficult and using the canned emails provided by the programs just doesn't get much attention.  After all, your emails look like everyone else promoting that program.  You don't stand out.

Email Marketing Masters is a mailer that actually helps you write compelling subject lines and email copy that gets results.

Good copy writers often use the same templates for subject lines and just change the words a bit to make them apply to different products and niches.  Same with email copy.

Email Marketing Masters helps you apply those templates to what you want to promote ... step by step.

It is so easy that anyone can do it ... even if they hate to write.

It also will send your email to all the members of the site, and to the 14 other mailers that are part of the Your Viral Network.  Create your email and send it across all the sites to almost 70,000 responsive members.

You can join Email Marketing Masters for free and use all the features.  Upgraded members get the ability to mail 3 times more often and 1,000 email credits every day, plus a list of extra benefits.

Click to Join and Start Creating Emails That Get Results!