Pays The Same As TM For Half the Cost

Yes that’s right.Traffic Monsoon cost
$50 per ad pack and pays $1 a day for
55 days.You also have to click 10 ads
a day to qualify for the revenue sharing
and get paid every hour.

This program cost only $25 per ad pack and
also pays $1 a day for 30 days.You only have
to click 6 ads a day to qualify for revenue
sharing and get paid every 30 minutes.

Instead of putting $50 into TM put it here
intead and earn $2 a day instead of $1 a day.

If you purchased 25 ad packs ($625) you will
make $25 a day which means you can purchase 1
ad pack everyday.Compare that to TM.

In order to be able to purchase a $50 ad pack
everyday with TM you will need to bring in $2500.

I’m not Knocking TM because I have an account with
them also and doing pretty good.

My strategy is to take some of your earnings from this
program and put it into TM to help bulid it up and vice
versa.Moving money back and forth between programs helps
you accounts to grow faster.

As a free member you can purchase up to 10 Ad packs.

If you are ready to start earning $1 + days then come
join me.

Come Get Yours,
Theodore Smith