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*Capture Page Creator: In addition to 11 professionally designed lead capture pages (AKA landing pages), our capture page creator lets you create unlimited mobile optimized pages to pull contacts into your sales funnel.

*Contact Manager: All of your contacts organized and tracked in ONE place. See what contacts are doing, view past communication, and access contact details. The #1 contact manager in the industry makes communication and lead management a breeze.

*Automated Followup: Prosperity Central keeps prospects engaged automatically – with professional pre-written email campaigns – or create your own!

*SmartSender: An EXCLUSIVE way to share viral content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more in a few clicks. Plus, upload a resource library (ie. brochures, images, videos, links, etc.) that you can bundle into “SmartPacks” – that generate real-time notifications whenever prospects engage with them.

*Marketing Site: Promote 1 website to your prospects. Your marketing site will present your opportunity and help you convert more leads into customers. A built-in “activity tracker” alerts you when prospects visit your site, and what they do!

Your system can be set up in a matter of minutes.

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John Lederer