Hello Folks

Over the past years I have built many businesses online,
and have been successful…the problem I always ran into
was most people couldn’t do what I could do. This did NOT
make me happy, because I wanted so much for all of them to

Another thing is that marketing online has become MASS
CONFUSION…a new online business pops up every ten
minutes, and it confuses people…they try, and build one,
and if it doesn’t work in ONE month they are off running
to the next “new” one.

So…I said all that to say this … POST CARDS ARE THE

Do you know there are MORE PEOPLE offline that will join
you…then there are online. I think it is because you
will find a bigger audience with people who actually hold
a post card in their hand as opposed to an email….

THINK ABOUT IT…in their hand is your offer…it might go
from the mail box to their kitchen table, to their dining
room table, to the counter, and land up on their
desk….so you have more of a chance for them to do
something with it…as opposed to an email that is just
another offer online.

Now if you can combine both ONLINE, AND OFFLINE…NOW !!!
That is POWER !!!

With POSTCARD NETWORKER you will get a FR*EE membership, a
website, and training. Even as a FR*EE member you will
get all that plus be able to make money as a free member.

You can make $100.00 per order PLUS FR*EE postcards to
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