A new way to increase your income!
Sharemoney is a global social project that gives an opportunity for people to raise their income with the help of such thing as sharing money.
It is very easy to use Sharemoney
1. Every new participant passes a simple registration procedure and pays activation fee in the system. There are 5 different accounts’ types. (See packages below)

2. Your activation fee is distributed as follows:

50% from activation fee goes to your referrer.
The remaining 50% are shared among all the participants in the system.
Notice: If a new user has not a referrer – 100% of activation fee will be shared among all the participants.

So, you have 2 ways to earn money:
Passive — just activate your account and earn from sharings. Even with Passive mode you can earn a thousands Dollars per month.
Active — spread Sharemoney among everybody, invite your friends, make posts in social networks, invite new users to Sharemoney by your referral link and get 50% from their activation fee. Users who choose Active mode can earn dozen of thousands Dollars per month. So, the more referrals you have, the more money you will earn.