Big Business

May 23, 2015, we entered into a major and very important contract with the customer from China.
The contract includes the creation of a large-scale platform for conducting analytical studies.
The contract value is estimated at 2 million. 600 thousand. Dollars.
Documented two tranches of 1 million. 300 thousand. Dollars.
The first tranche: July 1, 2015.
The second tranche of 29 June 2018.
During this period, we will take a lot of work and construct a large-scale network of suppliers in all countries of Eastern Europe.
We congratulate you on this significant event!
To work in the international format, we have taken the necessary measures to expand the area of our work. From July 10, 2015, by “Vanguard” and the project PR MARKER, will wear the official status of the company MARKER COMPANY LLC.
Let’s build an impressive business!