Online Job Opening @ Pure Leverage

Job Description

• logging into Facebook at least 3 times a day
• minimum 4 days a week
• make 3-4 likes, posts, or comments during each login to qualify for pay . That is
3-4 likes or post or comments not 3 likes, 3 posts, and 3 comments .

• Must be over the age 18 to apply .
• Must make the post, likes or comments on the two different Facebook pages, which
will be given to you once hired.
• There is no required work experience, even though some Facebook knowledge is
helpful, but not required.
• There is no education requirements, although it would be very beneficial if you are
• 80 points monthly via our points system which will be explained in further detail
once hired.

• No special skills needed, although typing experience would be useful .
• Monthly at end of month .
• There is no limit to how much you will get paid .
• It will depend on you and how much effort you put forth.

Once you have mastered Facebook then the other social media platforms will be added along with more pay. All activity will be tracked via our advanced tracking system so you must join and be a member of our site to get credit.

Job Type:

Required experience:
• Facebook knowledge, literate, typing skills, people skills, personable, and positive
attitude: 1 year

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