Mobile Website Software FREE-Hurry!

Mobile Websites are essential for every local business! My buddy Dave is giving away 15 mobile website templates for FREE, but only until midnight on Sunday June 28th! Here is the link.
This software works on Mac and Windows, is super simple to use and you can charge $100’s to local businesses. He will be charging at least $27 for this by Monday. You can build a tap to call mobile website in literally 2 minutes! Here is the link again.
2 months ago Google launched a new update! The update penalized businesses for not having a mobile friendly website. It is estimated that 80% of local businesses still don’t have a mobile website! Now you can solve that problem, and charge them hundreds of dollars in the process. This will make you money, just watch the demo video on the salespage! What an opportunity! I am charging small local businesses anywhere from $300-$600 a piece for these templates! The great thing is every business needs this!
Click the link for your FREE Mobile Templates!!
There is so much money to be made in mobile and now with zero cost, you can make a killing! You have to hurry, because he is taking this freebie off this weekend!
Good Luck!
Joe Leary
P.S. This is a completely free offer, no shenanigans here, but there is a one time upgrade that is completely optional. Do yourself a favor and at least look at it. It gives you more options, custom colors and just more bells and whistles. That means you can charge even more money to local businesses! Every local business has to have a mobile site, why shouldn’t you be the one to give them one? Here’s the link 1 more time.