Team LATW has Eliminated the Hot Seat

Team LATW has solved the biggest problems of large teams and the long waiting period for their members to get referrals.
Within our main Team are smaller Teams consisting only of a member’s upline and downline. Instead of using a Hot Seat concept, with Team LATW each member of a Team promotes a link that automatically rotates the splash pages of the members on their individual Team. Teams range in size from 3 to 6 depending on the number of referrals a member has.
You will not be promoting for hundreds of strangers who joined before you. You and your immediate upline and downline will be promoting only for each other. It’s a simple concept and it does work!
With Team LATW you can Recruit Unlimited Referrals and Start Building A Substantial Residual Income Today.
It’s so simple, yet so effective.
All the Best,
Johnny Sanders