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Black Friday 2015 Is Coming

Good Day [FIRST_NAME],
Fall 2015 Shopping Season is finally here, shoppers are looking to pick up those favorite Holiday Gifts for friends and family.

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Clubshop Rewards has all those extra goodies and more. Clubshop Rewards is a Discount Home Shopping Club where people save money by shopping either online or offline for items they buy every day, or at least 2 or 3 times a month.

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If the Clubshop Rewards Affiliate wanted to do more than just earn an extra little cash; Clubshop Rewards Full Partner Program where entrepreneurs could become a Clubshop Rewards Mall Owner.

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Everyone has to shop, why not get paid for doing what you do every day, week or month anyway!

Best Wishes,
Ricardo Weatherly
Discount Home Shopping Clubs CEO

Everything Can Be Robbed But Knowledge Cannot Be Robbed. (Anthony Murzello)

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