Reverse 2-Up Split Commission Will Explode Your Income


Reverse Commissions has just launched and this will be the Top Opportunity for 2017.

This is run by the same admin that launched IPS that paid out over $6 Million in commissions with 50,000 members. Reverse Commissions is expected to triple this success. The income potential is HUGE!

The pay plan is a REVERSE 2-Up SYSTEM with product levels at $25 – $100 – $250 – $500. This is a ONE TIME purchase with NO AUTOSHIP. You choose your product and qualify for commissions on all lower products.

There are NO LOST COMMISSIONS if someone purchases a higher product than your product purchase. Everyone earns commissions no matter what level they start.


In other programs, if you signed up someone who joined and purchased at a higher level, you lost ALL commissions and made NOTHING. With REVERSE COMMISSION, you STILL earn the income you would earn at your level through our SPLIT COMMISSION innovation.

EXAMPLE – (If you joined at the $25 Product Level, and your sponsor is at the $500 Product Level, and then you sign up a NEW Member who joins at the $500 Product Level). Normally a $500 Commission would just PASS UP to your sponsor because you aren’t QUALIFIED at that Level…, BUT, with “REVERSE COMMISSIONS”, you would STILL earn $25, and your sponsor would earn the remaining $475! So Everyone WINS and EARNS Instant CASH Commissions!

Of course, you can see why you should join at the highest level that you can. Joining at the $500 Product Level means that you would then miss NO commissions; but, if you need to build your income, and leverage your income to join at the higher levels, you will make at least the money you would earn on your level, ON EVERY SIGN UP!

Your downline will be PASSING UP their 2nd and 4th referral to you. This will cause your referrals to duplicate to INFINITY. This is the phenomenal PASSIVE aspect of this business compensation plan, that can pay you huge bonuses in your sleep.

The more people you introduce this business to, the more explosive your income potential will be, both initially, and months down the line…, AND…, if you CAN’T recruit or sponsor, WE’VE GOT THAT COVERED!

Here is a POWERFUL FREE BONUS for everyone joining my REVERSE COMMISSION Team. You will get FREE promotion of YOUR REVERSE COMMISSION website from THREE sources. The COMPANY will promote for you, my SPONSOR will promote for you, and I will promote for you, through our COMPANY ROTATOR, our TEAM ROTATOR, and my PERSONAL ROTATOR.


Everyone gets placed in the Company Rotator and your position never expires! This allows you to receive referral after referral from the Company run Ads. You automatically get placed in the Company Rotator as soon as you create your account.


Everyone on our team gets placed in a Team Rotator in addition to the Company Rotator. Our Team Rotator is operated by Brittany Johnson, so you can expect to see some good results.


Everyone on my personal team gets placed in the PERSONAL TEAM rotator, to greatly accelerate your sign ups, and explode your income.

SO…, we have a three-pronged advertising attack to help everyone who joins our team to succeed.

Everyone who doesn’t join REVERSE COMMISSIONS will regret it, NOW and LATER down the road!